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Welcome to my Linux Wiki

This host was running DokuWiki on top of LigHTTPd, future did proof this concept is lousy. The problem is not DokuWiki itself, but LigHTTPd not supporting Subversion via WebDAV. So I did play around with ligHTTPd as proxy for Apache running on the same host listening to localhost only, but somehow there where problems with the SSL implementation of LigHTTPd causing any svn operation to lag or even abort (happened while the SVN COPY command, reproduceable). So I reconfigured Apache to be the one and only. At least for now.

Apache on my server is now a thing of the past. I reverted again to LigHTTPd as it's the far better suited webserver for my tasks. Yet, the svn problem is still not gone, but I simply workarounded it using svn+ssh only from now on. This has implications at delegating access rights, but on the other hand it's way better performing than svn via https.


There are some things to be done:

  • finish running the de→en converter over all pages
  • hack some script utilizing sshfs for easily remotely editing articles using the famous vim

Whetting your Appetite

#include <stdio.h>
 * Say 'Hello' to the world.
int main(void) {
    puts("Hello World!");
    return 0;

very nice feature, syn on for wiki :)

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