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 +====== quilt(1) ======
 +''​quilt''​ is an excellent patch management utility. Especially upgrading a stack of many patches is often a pain in the ass. 
 +Using ''​quilt''​ all that matters are the right commands at the right time. :)
 +===== Refreshing External Patches =====
 +Not every project is using ''​quilt'',​ but that's not a problem, one can use it nevertheless.
 +Assuming the patches are to be applied in alphabetical order and residing in ${PATCHES_DIR},​
 +after unpacking the source package and ''​cd'''​ing into the root directory, you can use the following
 +script to import all patches in one run:
 +  for i in ${PATCHES_DIR}/​*.patch;​ do 
 +          quilt import -P `basename $i` $i 
 +          quilt push `basename $i`
 +  done
 +Go back to the initial state:
 +  quilt pop -a
 +To actually update the patches, run:
 +  while quilt push; do 
 +          quilt refresh -p 1 -u --no-index --backup
 +  done
 +you will find the updated patches inside //​patches///​ along with their original version suffixed with tilde.
 +To get a total diff, use this script:
 +  for i in patches/​*.patch;​ do 
 +          diff ${i}~ $i
 +  done >​quilt_check.log
 +sometimes some ''​grep'''​ing is helpful, e.g.:
 +  cat quilt_check.log| grep -v -- '​---'​ | grep -v '​@@'​ | grep -v '​+++'​ | grep -v 'diff ' | grep -ve '​[0-9]*c'​
 +====== Links ======
 +[[http://​​projects/​quilt|Quilt Homepage]]
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