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 +====== Welcome to my Linux Wiki ======
 +This host was running DokuWiki on top of LigHTTPd, future did proof this concept is lousy. The problem is not DokuWiki itself, but LigHTTPd not supporting [[http://​|Subversion]] via WebDAV. So I did play around with ligHTTPd as proxy for Apache running on the same host listening to ''​localhost''​ only, but somehow there where problems with the [[encryption:​SSL]] implementation of LigHTTPd causing any ''​svn''​ operation to lag or even abort (happened while the ''​SVN COPY''​ command, reproduceable). So I reconfigured Apache to be the one and only. <​del>​At least for now.</​del>​
 +Apache on my server is now a thing of the past. I reverted again to LigHTTPd as it's the far better suited webserver for my tasks. Yet, the ''​svn''​ problem is still not gone, but I simply workarounded it using ''​svn+ssh''​ only from now on. This has implications at delegating access rights, but on the other hand it's way better performing than ''​svn''​ via ''​https''​.
 +===== TODO List =====
 +There are some things to be done:
 +  * finish running the de->en converter over all pages
 +  * hack some script utilizing [[http://​​sshfs.html|sshfs]] for easily remotely editing articles using the famous [[http://​​|vim]]
 +===== Whetting your Appetite =====
 +<code c>
 +#include <​stdio.h>​
 + * Say '​Hello'​ to the world.
 + */
 +int main(void) {
 +    puts("​Hello World!"​);​
 +    return 0;
 +<​sub>​very nice feature, //syn on// for wiki :​)</​sub>​
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