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 +====== Firefox ======
 +This is a little collection of helpful plugins for the famous browser Firefox.
 +===== It's All Text! =====
 +This plugin allows you to edit web forms using your favourite text editor. In
 +fact, this text has been written using vim running in an X terminal.
 +After the installation,​ you have to specify the full path to the editor (if
 +using a graphical one). Rather complex tasks need to be done within a shell
 +script, this is the one I use:
 +/​usr/​bin/​urxvtc -e vim $@
 +===== MPlayerPlug-in =====
 +The mplayerplug-in allows for having an embedded mplayer in firefox, acting as
 +an all-purpose web media player. The only problem is to install it in Gentoo
 +along with a binary firefox install, and not having to compile firefox from
 +source. But help can be found on the
 +get a tarball of gecko-sdk and use the contained headers. (Yes, no compiling
 +necessary as firefox-bin provides the libraries already.)
 +Here comes the quick and dirty guide:
 +  * fetch and unpack mplayerplug-in and gecko-sdk into a temporary directory:
 +% mkdir /​tmp/​mplayer && cd /​tmp/​mplayer
 +% wget '​http://​​mplayerplug-in/​mplayerplug-in-3.50.tar.gz?​download'​
 +% wget http://​​pub/​​mozilla/​releases/​mozilla1.7/​gecko-sdk-i686-pc-linux-gnu-1.7.tar.gz
 +% tar xzf mplayerplug-in-3.50.tar.gz
 +% tar xzf gecko-sdk-i686-pc-linux-gnu-1.7.tar.gz
 +  * compile and install mplayerplug-in:​
 +% cd mplayerplug-in
 +% ./configure --enable-gtk2 \
 + --with-gecko-sdk=/​tmp/​mplayer/​gecko-sdk \
 + --prefix=/​opt/​mplayerplug-in
 +% make && make install
 +  * restart firefox and enjoy :)
 +===== Show Full URLs in Address Bar =====
 +Surprisingly simple, just set ''​browser.urlbar.trimURLs''​ to ''​false''​ in
 +====== Links ======
 +* [[https://​​de/​firefox/​addon/​4125|It'​s All Text!]]
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