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 +====== screen(1) ======
 +''​screen''​ is a powerful console tool. The following article will give some
 +hints why this is true.
 +===== screen as terminal emulator =====
 +Personally I don't trust ''​minicom''​. Maybe it's just too user-friendly,​ but
 +anyway let's keep it simple (and stupid). So if you already got ''​screen''​
 +installed, it will do the job as well. Just call it like so:
 +  % screen /dev/ttyS0 115200
 +working on a Sun and need ''​STOP+A''?​ Just send it a break, it will work just
 +fine. The default key sequence for that is ''​^a^b''​.
 +The Magic SysRQ key can also be sent through a serial connection, believe it
 +or not, this is also being done by sending the break signal.
 +===== Multiple Regions =====
 +''​screen''​ supports having the display split into multiple regions. Each region
 +will act as if it were a single window, sharing the screen session with the
 +The following commands are useful when working with regions:
 +^  Command ​ ^  Description ​ ^
 +|  C-a S  | Split the current region into two new ones |
 +|  C-a TAB  | Switch focus to next region |
 +|  resize ARG  | Resize the current region (ARG may be -N, +N, N, =, max or min) |
 +|  C-a F  | Resize the window to the current region size |
 +|  C-a X  | Kill the current region |
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