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Bash Configuration

Bash definitely is a Killer Feature!


Things you can do with /etc/inputrc or ~/.inputrc:

  • remap key combinations (Escape Sequences)
  • control the terminal bell (audible,visible,off)
  • control the behaviour of the pathname completion

Pathname Completion

  • completing case insensitive:

set completion-ignore-case On

  • show the list of completions just after the first TAB:

set show-all-if-ambiguous On

set show-all-if-unmodified On
* show trailing //Magic Chars// for each element in the completion list:
set visible-stats On

Remapping Key Combinations

A simple example:

C-f: forward-word

then Control+f jumps to the next word You may not only use C (Control) as control character, but also M (Meta/Alt).

Satan's little Helpers


I improved handling of new aliases with a little scripting: In the file .bashrc:

eval "`grep -v -e ^# -e ^$ $HOME/.bash_aliases | sed s/^/alias\ /`"

Then in the file .bash_aliases:

d="ls --color"
ls="ls --color=auto"
ll="ls --color -l"
..="cd .."
...="cd ../.."

Works perfectly, shortens .bashrc, and simplifies defining new aliases.
BUG: you can't use formatting stuff in .bash_aliases, e. g. do not even try to use `\' to break long lines.

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